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100 Posters for Crete submission

This is our submission for the “100 posters for Crete” exhibition organized by the designer Vassilis Pitsonis and Omenart Gallery, in Chania, Crete.

This was a charity event for the Chania department of the Hellenic Society for Protection & Restoration of Disabled Persons (ELEPAP) and was featured in many e-zines and portals as well as traditional media.

Our intention was to combine the past of Crete (the bull’s head, symbol of the Minoan strength) with a more futuristic, Op Art approach. Why?

Since the mid ’90s Crete is one of the leading internet and technology incubators in Greece and their university departments in Informatics Technology, as well as the companies that have their headquarters in the island, are considered top-notch around Europe!

The color selection is deep blue to Cyan gradient, a marriage of the deep blue sea with the High-tech industry.

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