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Aluco Branding

“An owl is the wisest of all birds and th e more it sees the less it talks”

The requirements for this project was to design the logo and the branding For “ALUCO” an Aluminum trading and services company, located in Piraeus Greece.

The naming was based on the combination of the first 3 letters of the word ALUminum with the first two letters of the word COmpany which create the word ALUCO.

This was intentional since this letter combination is synonymous with  the scientific name of the tawny owl is Strix aluco (in Latin). Strix is a Greek derivative meaning “Owl.”

Furthermore there are key company values that align with some characteristics of this magnificent bird.for example ,in classical times, the owl was the emblem of the city of Athens. It was the sacred bird of the goddess Athena, a symbol of wisdom.

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