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Covid-19 Posters

During the quarantine and confinement, we decided to participate in the exhibition organized by gr design magazine “Looking for beauty by exorcizing the gloom – 50 posters for life in the face of Covid-19”.

We were pleased to learn that one of the three posters entitled “The Game” is among those presented at the exhibition.

This is a protest poster for the public health systems around the planet, which have taken on the bulk of patients from Covid-19, while being understaffed and underfunded, as private insurance and health has until now been considered a panacea and especially for those who have the financial ability to cope.

The symbolism through the old arcade game cabinet, targets people over 30 but also those young people who have joined the retro gaming fad. That is, those who are attracted by the image of “the old electronic game”.

The plot twist is that time is running out and “Dad” is not giving twenty, while the victims are increasing and the doctors are exhausted.

One of these posters was also selected for the exhibition organized by visual communication designer LI XU (Li Xu Design) together with Oleg Veklenko, at the library in Wenzhou (Zhejiang Province)

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