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Propolis tincture packaging design of the Sotirali family

The propolis tincture of the Sotirali family is a product that has its roots in antiquity, since propolis was also known as “black wax”, particularly popular as an anti-inflammatory among the peoples of the Mediterranean. So we have the first label color from this designation: a black surface, which matches perfectly with the simple tinted container.

Propolis is painstakingly extracted from the hives and is precious, so the primrose and evergreen binding of the black surface with the gold was a “safe” color choice for the main graphic, while the company logo and all other information were left in its white of paper that has maximum contrast with the rest of the label surface.

With the geometric bee dominating the center, we managed on the one hand to follow the modern minimalist designs and on the other hand to refer to the hexagonal pattern of the beehive, but also to the polyhedral surfaces of the precious stones, since the saying “The expensive perfumes come in small bottles”

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