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The Misanthrope

In May 2023, we designed for the play “The Misanthrope” by Moliere, all the promotional material for the Tripoli Theater Group, both in print and digital for its communication needs within the city and on social media.

A rich tapestry of opulence and elegance creates depth, setting the time frame for this work. Célimène appears as the central image, framed by a rotunda created by the faces of the characters in the work. Alceste, at the bottom of the composition “destroys” all the contrived, artificial wealth with an explosion of blackness that fills almost half of the composition.

The color palette exudes warmth and elegance, with shades of Burgundy and gold. These colors reflect the richness of the work’s themes and characters, while also invoking a timelessness that transcends the seasons.

The production artfully bridges the gap between the ages, leaving a deep appreciation for the timeless exploration of human nature and the many faces of society.

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