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Selina Greek Wines collection

Selina wines is a series of Greek wines produced and bottled by Greek wineries.

The Red, Rose and White varieties are born at the ancient Mantineia plateau in Arcadia a region famous for it’s wine production since antiquity. It was called the ” polyampelos ” country ( a place with many vineyards ) according to Homer.

Mavrodaphne is a dessert wine sold under the Mavrodaphni PDO (protected Domain of Origin) name. Famous all over the world, Mavrodaphne is a dark, almost opaque sweet wine from the region of Achaia. The name was chosen by Gustav Clauss, the founder of the Achaia Clauss winery.

The wines are sold exclusively in the USA by Athenee Importers. Established in 1975, they are the largest importer and distributor of fine wine, spirits and beer from Greece and Cyprus.

We were asked to create a series of labels for 750ml, 1lt wine bottles as well as stickers for carton containers.

The name Selina is a variant of Selene, from the Greek word Selēnē (which is how ancient greeks called the moon). The name was borne by the Greek mythological goddess of the moon.
Selina is also a very popular name among Americans, so it is a perfect fit for bringing two cultures together through a wine brand name.

Another element that we wanted to depict on the label is the rough natural landscape of the Peloponnisos peninsula. And nobody could offer a better description than a poet:

This landscape is merciless like silence,
it hugs it’s fiery rock tightly in its bosom,
it hugs tightly in the sun it’s orphan olive trees and grapevines,
it clenches it’s teeth. There is no water. Only light.

-from “Romiosini” by Yannis Ritsos-

So, the final design is composed of geometric shapes depicting a half-moon and a rock bathed in light with minimal sans-serif lettering. The label can be reproduced using only two colours.
Furthermore, the stark black and white contrast of the forms make the label instantly recognisable.

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